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Chapter 2: King of the Hill

Ben pulled his legs in hard as he tried to go even higher on the swings. He imagined looping up and over the top, and around and around - but he had only managed to get just above the bar one time so far this year. Maybe next time.

He let the swing slow down and then dragged his heels to make it stop. His new shoes were already scuffed and starting to wear out. He stood up from the swing and looked around the playground, smiling.

Ben liked school this year.

Well, maybe not the actual school part, like all the classes and learning and stuff, but he did enjoy being one of the “big kids” in primary school. He had grown a bit over the last few months as well, so that made him even taller than all the “little kids”. His spiky dark brown hair that stuck up above his light brown skin made him look even taller, and he had no problems with that.

Yep, life was good!

Ben was in the same class as Tim, Tom and Alice, but James had a different homeroom this year, which meant they were in different classes for most of the day. He saw James at recess and lunch of course, but he missed him not being in the same class. I guess not all changes are good, he sighed.

On the plus side, the four boys had decided to join Boy Scouts, so they could hang out together more, do some camping, roast marshmallows over campfires and other fun stuff. They would be going on their first camp a couple weeks after Halloween.

His sister Amanda and her friends joined Girl Guides the year before, and they had learned a lot of cool stuff that had helped them build an awesome tree house, so it couldn’t be all that bad.

Ben and his friends had started working on their First Aid badge. After the incident where Ben had broken his leg, they had all agreed it was a good badge to go for.

Just then, the bell rang and Ben started walking towards his classroom. He saw Tim and Tom go into the class as he came around the corner. Ben stopped at the classroom door and turned around to survey the school yard. Yep, King of the Hill! He went inside and sat down at his desk beside Tim just as the second bell rang.

Tim and Tom had already pulled out their workbooks and had their pencils ready. Ben flashed a toothy grin at the twins, and pulled out his own workbook just as the teacher began writing on the whiteboard.

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