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Chapter 2: The Tree

The boys were all watching the clock on the wall during the last lesson of the day. It moved by very, very slowly. James almost got in trouble when the teacher called his name.

“Hum, what, Miss Oliver?” he asked.

“I said, what is the capitol of Argentina?” Miss Oliver asked.

James scratched his head. He had no idea, as he had not been listening at all. “Um is it…”

Just then the bell rang. Saved by the bell! He turned in his seat, ready to go.

Miss Oliver called out to the class as they got up from their seats. “Don’t forget to read chapter six! There will be a quiz on Friday.”

James grabbed his bag off the hook and headed out the door, where Ben was already waiting by the concrete step. Tim and Tom soon followed out of the classroom, swinging their bags over their shoulders at the same time. Weird.

The four friends crunched through the gravel of the schoolyard and crossed the street to the park. They walked over to the edge of the forest closest to the school. Ben looked all around and then quickly signaled them to enter the forest. They pushed through branches and stepped over tall roots that were sticking out of the ground, trying to trip them. A jungle!

The tree was only about a hundred feet in or so from the edge of the forest, but it was hidden from view of the main part of the park by a row of bushes and smaller trees. It had thick branches that spread out from the trunk at regular distances, running parallel to the ground with large gaps in between each layer of branches. It looked like there was enough room for them to stand upright. There were a lot of branches on each level, too – plenty of support for putting boards across to start a tree house.

“It is huge!” said James.

“The branches look empty – I’ll bet no-one has built in it before!” commented Ben.

“We will be the first ones!” said Tim.

“And no girls allowed!” said Tom.

They walked around the base of the tree, examining the trunk and taking turns jumping up to try and touch the lowest branches. It would not be too easy for anyone to get up, which was good. They would need a rope ladder for sure.

They all agreed the tree would be perfect for building a tree house.

“No, the Ultimate Tree House.” said Ben.

Reluctantly, they left the tree and headed off in different directions, going home to finish their homework before dinner. Tomorrow they would start planning how to build the tree house.


At dinner, Ben’s Mother asked how his first day back at school went as she served the peas.

“Fihhne” mumbled Ben through a mouth of mashed potatoes.

“Ben was talking about that tree we found,” said Amanda.

“Oh really?” nodded Ben’s Father. “What about the tree?”

“Nothing,” muttered Ben.

“Where did you go with your friends right after school?” asked Amanda.

“Nowhere! Just walking…just leave me alone, ok?” muttered Ben.

“Ben’s got a secret…” started Amanda.

Ben glared at her, trying to burn a hole in her head with his eyes. She pretended to ignore him and resumed cutting her sausage.

Sisters are such a pain, thought Ben. At least she won’t be allowed in the Tree house!

That night, Ben began to imagine the fantastic tree house that he and his friends would build. Four, no five levels, a secret lab, a comic room, a snack room, a bowling alley, trap doors… It will be the best tree house ever! he thought, as he finally drifted off to sleep.

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