Kids adventure books teach life skills

By day Gary Nelson works as a change manager in the Change Team at Waikato District Health Board, but in his spare time (for several years now) he has also been writing popular books for children... (Read more)

Book launch of The Amazing Science Fair Project

Come join the book launch of The Amazing Science Fair Project on July 15, 2015.

Semiahmoo Library Reading

Surrey, B.C. Canada

Semiahmoo Public Library held a special pre-Christmas treat for 60 grade 4 students as international author Gary Nelson read from his first children's book, The Ultimate Tree House Project.

Voices of Canadian Leadership #30 - An Interview with Gary Nelson

I recently did an interview with Chris Hache on the Voices of Canadian Leadership (VoCL) podcast. Listen to it here.

VOCL # 30 - An Interview with Gary Nelson, PMP


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