Gazza's Guide to Practical Project Management Book Study

The Project Management Book Club is pleased to provide this online book study of Gazza’s Guide to Practical Project Management: Tips and Advice on Surviving the Project Management Journey developed in collaboration with author Gary Nelson, PMP (Gazza)!

Wondering what it takes to make a successful project? This online book study will teach you the critical importance of soft skills on every project - after all, the best metrics and toolkits on the market will not help you succeed unless you work with your team and the customer to deliver a successful project. The people on your project teams are the key differentiator between a successful project and a failed one - and the difference between a high performing team and a poor performing team comes down to you, the Project Manager. The task of managing projects can seem quite daunting – but the truth is that managing successful projects can be broken down into practical, easy-to-understand concepts that will help you and your team deliver projects of any size.

The book study starts January 28, 2013 - join now, get the book and start reading!