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The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever! - Project Kids Adventure #2

The Project Kids are back at school after a long summer of enjoying their Ultimate Tree House. Amanda, Becky and Susan are now in A.J Wilkins Middle School, while the others have one more year in Primary school. This year, the principals of both schools have decided to hold a joint Halloween contest – to see which groups of children from both schools can make the best Halloween display. The eight Project Kids – Becky, Alice, Amanda, Susan, Ben, James, Tim & Tom embark on their bravest adventure yet – to come up with the Scariest Haunted House – ever. The kids get started on the project and learn that it is not just Haunted Houses that can be scary!

Will the Project Kids get divided? Will they win the contest? What is Oliver up to?

Find all this out and more in the Project Kids next big adventure - The Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!

This book is targeted at children ages 8-12.