Announcing The Easter Bully Transformation Project

  Just in time for Easter - The Easter Bully Transformation Project is now available!

Not only is it available in English, it was also released in Portuguese on the same day - thanks to the efforts of the PMI Portugal chapter translation team, led by Isabelina Jorge and Iris Pinhão.

Following the translation of the first four books in the series (The Ultimate Tree House ProjectThe Scariest Haunted House Project - Ever!, The Amazing Science Fair Project and The Valentine's Day Project Disaster), we decided to coordinate the creation, translation and publication of the 5th book for simultaneous release in English and Portuguese.

The 5th book also introduces a new illustrator - Rafael Silva, a very talented Portuguese student (age 17 at the time of publication).

The Easter Bully Transformation Project is the project kids' most challenging adventure yet.


The Project Kids really have their work cut out for themselves this time. After Peter Johansen nearly destroyed the Valentine’s Dance, you might expect the Project Kids to be glad to see the last of ‘Pimple Pete’. So why are they reaching out to him - and what do they hope to achieve?

As one small idea takes on a life of its own and one of their own is struck down in their prime, they find themselves struggling to answer one simple question: Can they actually un-bully a bully? …And should they even try?

The answer lies in an unexpected place…and not even the Easter Bunny can help them.

Parent/Teacher Note:
This next book in the Project Kids Adventures series sees the kids tackling several interrelated projects at once.

While carefully investigating the reasons behind Pimple Pete’s bullying behavior, they find themselves engaged in a cause that extends well beyond the school and their community.